Rematriate the land

Through collaboration with Sogorea Te’ Land Trust, community members, land workers and artists, this painting was created to visualize a decolonized and rematriated landscape in deep East Oakland.




Graphic Recording

Graphic recording-- the live translation of conversations or a presentation into images--  provides a visual guide to help people understand concepts, visualize a process, and remember important milestones. This tool can be used in stakeholder meetings, conferences, workshops, presentations, and classrooms. I find it a really inspiring and effective way of sharing ideas across disciplines or beliefs.

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Graphic Design

Graphic design can mean so many things... I use it here to say: I love making things that look nice and communicate effectively. Want a logo? Need a t-shirt design? Need marketing materials? I'll make sure to work with you to design something that represents your organization, brand, and passion, and looks NICE.


Illustrated Concepts and Processes

I love using illustration to describe and simplify complex processes. I work to create final illustrations that are digestible by a wide range of audiences while communicating a lot of detail. Need an illustration for a publication? Need an illustration for a presentation? Let's make it happen. 

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Educational Tools

I'm passionate about creating unique ways to share information and ideas. I'm interested in the way we absorb information and love collaborating with people that see and understand the world differently than me. Do you have a curriculum that could use some visual guides? Do you have a workshop you want to develop materials for? Let's do it. 


About Me

Hi! I'm Maisie. 

I love co-creating with people. I love hearing stories and learning about aspects of life I've never thought about. I like feeling humbled by new ideas (most days). Big fan of laughing. Also love a good tender-hearted cry. Obsessed with chickens.


I love rocks and rivers and the other beings that depend on them. I have an MS in Fluvial Geomorphology and I majored in Geology and Studio Art in Undergrad. I love helping people communicate scientific understandings and processes in accessible ways. I have a background in education and continue to be inspired by the people who are sparking curiosity in minds of all ages. 

I've attended school for 18 years of my life, which means I've learned a lot of not very useful stuff, some very useful stuff, and a ton of completely inaccurate fallacies about the social structures we have created to hoard power and resources. I am in the process of teasing this all out.

I strive (and struggle) to be a true accomplice. I am learning that collective liberation and climate justice can only be achieved through Indigenous-led rematriation, Black-led liberation movements, Reparations, disability justice, abolition of a punishment-based system, accountability, the centering of holistic health, a recognition of our interconnectedness, the crumbling of capitalism...etc.  I am practicing embodying this understanding through my actions, work and relationships. It's hard and I F- up, feel shame, learn, and readjust all the time.


I am passionate about using visual communication to build generative futures and heal the harm caused by white-bodied supremacy and extractive capitalism. 

I believe the processes we can observe along river banks and floodplains can inform how we build resilience and guide our adaptation to change within our own communities. Water brings us internal balance, nourishes us, and allows all beings to heal, grieve, change and grow. I want to explore how we can be guided by this wisdom as we create a society that collectively honors and nurtures the dignity of all beings.


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